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Frequent Asked Questions

Questions our customers ask frequently.

General Information is an online marketplace that bring buyers and sellers in a neighbourhood together. You can display all the product you sell if you have a shop and you can also sell off your personal used items as an individual. It is very easy to use. If you're not cleared enough and you still want to make more findings, please feel free to send us your questions via

The featured products are selected at random and it can be anyone's product. However you can ensure the picture of your product is clear enough and the category is properly chosen to stand a chance of your product being selected among the featured products.

It is very easy to upload your product on You can click on the Upload an item on the menu bar or you can go to the dashboard and click the product tab on the side bar (if you are using a mobile device or a tablet and you can't see the side bar please click on the expand button so you can see the side bar). Then click on upload new item, fill in the details and upload. That's all.

No please. You can't. You must create an account before you can upload any item.

You mustn't. It is not compulsory for you to put your home address if you have any fear of security risk. However, you can put your street address or the most public convenient and closest location to you.

Place a request is used when a buyer wishes to buy something and he or she has a particular budgeted amount for it. Most sellers that have items to sell usually check if anyone has placed a request on the items they have so they could easily call them and sell to them (most times at cheaper price) instead of displaying it for buyers to contact them.

This is because most sellers prefer to have a picture of the exact item you need. If you need a picture, please try downloading them at your most convenient search engine.

Your only secure information is your email address and in no condition will sell your email address. The only reason we ask for your email account is for the purpose of recovering your password should you ever forget it.