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Welcome to the guide on how to use the online market platform. This comprehensive guide is to give you a good understanding of how to use this platform. On the left is a sidebar of the list of topics covered (if you're using a tablet or a smart phone the side bar will be at the top). The list of headings cover are Welcome, Home Page, View More Page, Customers Profile, Dashboard, Products, Settings and Message. You can navigate through these topics until you're cleared of any doubts and if you feel you're no satisfied please visit our frequently asked question (FAQ) or contact us and we will be glad to attend to you.
The Menu Tabs

The logo vensle Logo will take you to the home page when you click it from any page within the website .

The search bar is to guide you to search for any item you want. You can search by the name of the product, the description or by the location.

The Sign in | Register button is quite self explanatory. The purpose is simply for you to login if you're already registered or for you to register if you've never registered before. On clicking it, a pop up box will appear so you can easily login or register without having to leave the page where you are currently. If you didn't see the pop up then that's because the javascript of your browser is turned off. Please turn it on.

The Upload an Item button is a very easy shortcut for you to click and be taken to the upload page direct for easy upload of items. However, you must be logged in before you can upload an item. If you haven't loggin already and you click it you will be required to login.

The Sell/Buy Tutorial button takes you to this page you're currently in. Designed to guide you on how to use the website.

The Place a Request button is meant to take you directly to the page where you can place a request.

There are 12 groups of item displayed. These groups are quick and brief view of examples of most popular items displayed in them. By clicking any of the group pictures, it will take you to the products in those groups. You can narrow then down by adjusting the search bar.

The users products are the display of the items of users. These items are in two categories. Some displayed in twelve and some in six. You can use the right arrow to see more. Please note these displays are not all but just a sample of users items you can buy.

Each item is displayed in different colours of buttons under them. These coulours represent the present condition of the item which are NEW, USED and NOT APPLICABLE. Not Applicable are for items that does not fall into the category of new or used items. An example is a car hiring service. Their item is a service that is neither new nor used.

When you click on any of the items, a popup box appears with a brief information of the item with two buttons at the bottom. The button takes you to a page where all the details you need about the seller or buyers while the button simply returns you back to continue checking out other items.

The features of the product are all under the category below.

Product: is the name of the item. Group: refers to the group the item falls into.

Category: is the smaller division of the item.

Condition: is the status of the item which can either be NEW, USED or NOT APPLICABLE.

Ref No.: is a special number specifically assigned to that item. You can use it to make reference anytime you contact customer care or the seller/buyer.

Price: is the cost of the item

Mobile: is the contact of the person that wants to sell/buy the product.

Address: is the meeting location or the most covenient meeting point.

This section contains more details about the item .

This section contails a quick view of the Seller's Name, Contact number and Sellers Address

View Profile is the button that takes you to the page that contains details of other products and the history of the seller.

Chat Seller is the button that takes you to the messaging section where you can send message directly to the seller

Similar Products and Recently Viewed Item are quite self explanatory

On the left side bar are the details of the seller and and below it is a Chat Seller is the button that takes you to the messaging section where you can send message directly to the seller.

Active Products are items that the seller presently have for sale while

Sold Products are items that the seller has already sold out. This is just to give you a history of the kind of items the seller sells.

The dashboard is a brief summary of all the items you have in the system.

The logo vensle Logovensle Logo will take you to the home page when you click it from any page within the website.

The icon is for notifications when orders are placed.

The icon is for ease access to your messages from any where in the site.

The icon which can be your profile picture if you have any picture uploaded is for a quick shortcut to the most used features which include: Profile where you can update your profile, Go back to Website takes you to the homepage, Inbox takes you to your messages, Setting takes you to the settings of your password and Logout that logs you out of the system.

The section consist of the Dashboard Tab, Products (Collapsed) Tab, Settings (Collapsed) Tab and Message (Collapsed) Tab. To expand the Collapsed Tabs please click them and the list of menus under them will display. The next three sections will explain them more.

The product box shows you the total number of items you have displayed on the website, Most Recent Items below shows you few of your your displayed products if you have any. If you don't have any, that section will be blank. View all is a shortcut to view all the items you have uploaded.

You need to click the PRODUCTS tab for the list of menus under it to display. These menus are explained below:
Upload New Item

This is the section where the items you want to display to the public are uploaded.

Name of item: This simply means the name of the item you're uploading (example is IPHONE 6). This name should not be longer than 200 letters to avoid being rejected by the system.

Item Condition: Refers to the state of the item you're uploading. It can be NEW if it hasn't been used before, USED if it has been used before or NOT APPLICABLE if the item you're uploading doesn't fall into this category (example is a Dry Cleaner).

Enter Amount: You need to enter the price of item. If its a fixed price then leave it on fixed but if its a negotiable then choose negotiable. If you feel you need to be contacted for price them tick the contact for price button.

Group and Category: Group is the bigger division the item you have for sale falls into while the Category is the smaller division. An example is the Iphone 6. It falls into the Group Called Electronics while the Cateogry is called Smart Phones.

Description: In this section, you can describe the product you want to sell to the best of your capacity.

Contact Phone Number: This is your personal phone number so the buyers can be able to reach out to you easily. A contact number is a neccesary requirement.

Region: is the location the item is sold. If you want to sell to other regions (if you have stores in other places) you will need to upload the item again with the other regions.

Address: If you have a store, this is the place to enter the address of your store but if you are an individual you mustn't enter your address if you feel unsafe, you can just enter your street address (without a number) or the most public, confortable and closest location to you.

Drag and drop pictures here: This section is for you to upload the pictures of the item. The picture must be in jpg, jpeg or png format only.

: This button helps save your upload for later. When you save as draft, your product will be available in the My Product tab for edit later.

: Clicking the create butoon after filling the whole form will upload your content for review so the administrator can confirm that the uploaded product does not breach our Terms of Use. This process usually takes few minutes
My Products

This section contain all the items you have uploaded. They are displayed one after the other in a box. Each box contains a picture of the item, the Name, The Address, The Category, The Condition, The Ref No., The Price and the Status of the Item.

This is just a summary of the item you uploaded. The View on Website button takes you to a more detailed preview of how the item will appear to the general public when they click on them. If you see Approved, it means that your product is approved and live for everone to see but if pending it means its yet to be approved. Declined are items that are rejected by the administration and Draft are products you saved for later.

Edit is a button that takes you to a page where you can edit the item. The Sold is the button you click when the item has been sold but you still want everyone to know that you have sold such items before. Customers that view your profile can still see them if the click on the Sold item button while the Delete button is to completely remove it from the system. The Item will be permanently deleted and cannot be restored back.
Sold Item

This is almost the same as the My Product section. The difference is that the status is offline.
Place a Request

This section is the same as Upload new item.
My Requests

This section is the same as My products. The difference is that the items shown here are the ones you requested.
Bought Items

This section is the same as Sold items. The difference is that they are bought item you still want your customers to see.

There are two divisions of the settings tab. They are:

This section lets you upload a profile picture to replace the to a real picture of your choice. You can also edit you Name, Email, Phone Number and address. When you're done just click

This section is for changing your password. You just need to enter your old password and replace it with the new password twice and click .

This section is divided into two Categories. They are:

This section is for you to compose message to the seller you want to chat. You must have chatted the seller or buyer before now to see the contact details as a suggestion in the address bar.

This section is just showing the message section in full. The Inbox, Draft, Sent Mail, Trash are the contents. It is quite self explanatory.